Our company focused on business to government (B2G) and government to government (G2G) relationships in the field of National Defense and Security. We work upstream and downstream on the Hellenic republic’s procurement channel and provide enterprises and governmental entities the means to communicate, build trust and engage in business activity.

On the upstream side, we collaborate with foreign and domestic enterprises who supply products and services to the Hellenic armed forces. We provide them the necessary tools to acquire, maintain and enhance their position in the market. Our business partners range from well established enterprises in the international defense arena to newly established upcoming companies.

On the downstream side, our collaboration with the Hellenic republic is characterized by our strict code of ethic.
Hellenic official market is highly regulated and in accordance with EU regulations.
We take great pride on the reputation that we have built as a trustworthy organization that stands out for its integrity and professionalism.

For us each enterprise has a unique culture, plan and strategy; therefore, we offer a variety of services in accordance to our partners aspirations.